Stop the eviction of M99!

•Wed 27.07. 19.00 // SO36 // information event
•Sun 07.08. 16.00 // Heinrichplatz // neighbourhood demonstration
•Tue 09.08. 8.00 // HG/M99 // stop the eviction
•Tue 09.08. 18.30 // Kottbusser Tor // evening demonstration

The “Shop for Revolutionary Materials” M99 is supposed to get evicted in order for the landlord to make more profit. HG Lindenau has been running the shop in the district of Kreuzberg for almost 30 years and also lives there. HG sells clothes and materials for demonstrations for little money. The shop is a symbol for a rebellious Kreuzberg that does not correspond to the glossy brochures and investment plans.

But rents in Berlin are rising drastically and more and more people and smaller shops are being displaced. The profits of house owners are increasing. They are paid through our rents, which we have to pay with our low incomes. The Berlin Senate has failed, it doesn’t do anything against this displacement. That’s why we have to become active to resist these conditions. We have to be loud to no longer be ignored. We don’t want housing to be a commodity. We want HG to be able to stay in his shop and in his apartment.

We will firmly resist the eviction of M99.