Zwangsräumung wurde gerade verhindert!

YippieYippieYeah – Gerichtsvollzieherin in die Spree! Zwangsräumung wurde gerade verhindert!

In Berlin-Kreuzberg, Lausitzerstr. 8, wurde die Zwangsräumung einer Familie durch ca. 200 Nachbar*innen, Freund*innen der Familie und (Miet-)Aktivist*innen verhindert.
O-ton Gerichtsvollzieherin: die Räumung wurde vorerst eingestellt wg „massiver Ausschreitungen“ 😉 Die gabs nur in ihrer Fantasie, was es aber gab waren viele, viele Leute, die sehr, sehr laut waren!

Heute Abend 19 Uhr, Spreewaldplatz, Kreuzberg, wird die Verhinderung der Zwangsräumung mit einer großen Demo gefeiert.

*english version below*


Translation from the German.
Today neighbours, friends and activists prevented the eviction of a family (over a dispute of an already paid rent) from their home in Berlin Kreuzberg.
The eviction of a family was prevented this morning by a sit-in organised by around 200 neighbours, friends and social housing activists. O-ton baliff: „The eviction was postponed due to ‚massive protests'“. The success of the action will be celebrated with a demo tonight at 7pm, on the Spreewaldplatz, in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Press release 22.10.2012 (Bündnis Zwangsräumungverhindern)
Prevention of forced eviction in Kreuzberg

At 9 am on 22.10.2012 the eviction of a family of 5 prevented in the Lausitzer Straße 8
Berlin-Kreuzberg. More than 150 neighbors, close friends of the family and social housing activists staged a sit-in and denied the baliff and the police access to the apartment.
The family, who had been living in the house for 16 years, had legally resisted the eviction. The family is determined to remain in the property and relies on the support from the neighbourhood. The father, Ali said: „We want to send a signal that those affected by evictions will fight, so people can no longer pushed out of their homes without the public taking notice. We will no longer put up with it!

Today’s prevention of the eviction is a sign of practical solidarity with tenants at risk of displacement in Berlin. For years, rents in the city have been rising at a rapidly increasingly pace. The housing shortage plays into landlords like Andre Franell’s hands: He evicts the residents from his Berlin houses, because he is speculating on higher rents with the new tenancy. Franell likes to portray himself as a social benefactor and runs a charitable foundation which helps forcibly displaced people in Thailand helps. As a property owner however, he reveals his other side and raises the rents and threatens his tenants with eviction.

This is one case which could be prevented in a long line of evictions which are carried out unnoticed. Meanwhile, there is however organized resistance: On Kottbusser Tor, tenants have been protesting for months against their imminent expulsion to the suburbs. On the Maybachufer in Berlin Kreuzberg, the handicapped tenant Nuriye Cengiz is fighting against their dispossession and eviction. More and more people are affected by forced evictions even if all legal arguments should support their case, as in the case of the family whose eviction was prevented today.


Reason for the eviction is a dispute over a rent increase. The Family had been ordered by a court to back pay a rent increase which had been paid two months late. Although the landlord had received the full amount in January 2011 he still demands the tenants’ eviction. Now the Federal Court has upheld the landlord’s motion .